A Study of the Negro in the Works of William Faulkner

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literature, African Americans, William Faulkner, human behavior, race, sociology


African American Studies | Comparative Literature | English Language and Literature | Race and Ethnicity | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Sociology


The freedom of the novelist in presenting his insights into human behavior has long been the envy of the social scientist. Restricted by the limitations of the "scientific method," the sociologist often sees the more perceptive theory sacrificed for the more tenable one. This unfortunate situation cannot, of course, be totally rectified; there is hope, however, for at least a partial resolution of the factors separating the two disciplines, so that some degree of the novelists' art can be "validated" as an addition to the steadily growing store of knowledge concerning human behavior. This study is such an effort.

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Sociology and Anthropology

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