High Energy Particles in Nuclear Emulsions

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physics, photographic emulsions, high energy particles, nuclear emulsions, energy


Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics | Nuclear | Physical Sciences and Mathematics | Physics


Photographic emulsions have been used extensively throughout the history of modern physics in the study of elementary particles. Within the last twenty years a refined type of photographic emulsion called a nuclear emulsion has been developed.

In the first three sections of this paper the historic developments that led up to the present nuclear emulsions are reviewed; the theory of track formation is discussed; and the theory of track analysis is presented. In the fourth section an event is analyzed is some detail. Special emphasis is placed on explaining the experimental techniques involved. The event was found to be a K-->π-->µ decay. In the final section ten tracks of µ-mesons produced by decays of µ's were measured. The energy and momentum equations for this reaction were presented. The statistical nature of the method of analysis was demonstrated.

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