The Secession of Katanga Province as a Catalyst in Inter-African Relations; [and], The Origin of the United Nations Force in the Congo

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international relations, foreign policy, Congo, United Nations, Katanga Province, inter-African relations


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As prescribed by the Washington Semester program, this research project is designed to give the student an understanding of a political problem and to permit him to explore a problem in which he is personally interested. The topic I have chosen to research, the secession of Katanga Province and its effect on inter-African relations, is in keeping with both of these designs. The "Katanga problem" is chiefly a political problem, both intrinsically and in terms of its impact on world affairs. At the same time, the problem is one in which I am personally interested, due to the eleven years I spent in the Leopoldville and Kasai Provinces of the Congo and my associations with Africans who are vitally interested in the fate of Katanga and of Africa as a whole.

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