A Comprehensive Study of the Background, Causes, and Actions Culminating in the Annexation by the Union of India of the Portuguese-Held Territories of Goa, Damao, and Diu

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international relations, foreign policy, India, Portugal, annexation, post-colonialism


Asian History | Diplomatic History | International and Area Studies | International Relations


In the course of history there occur numerous small events which by themselves do not seen to jolt the world from its path. The transfer of sovereignty of a few square miles of territory on the sub-continent of India in late 1961 is one of these events. The importance of such an event lies in its subtle aftereffects, and how it can change principles of international law. This paper will explore the background which led to the change, the means and manner of change, and the results and possible consequences in regards tot he disappearance of Portuguese India in December 1961.

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Political Science

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