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music, song liking, CD, audiovisual, music preferences, familiarity, ecological validity, genre


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The present study examined how a compact disc’s (CD) packaging (e.g., cover art, liner notes, band photos) influenced how much people liked songs they listened to. In Experiment 1, participants listened to 2 songs while examining the packaging material from the artist’s CD (Matching group) or from another artist’s CD (Mismatching group). A third group did not examine anything while listening to the songs (Music Only group). In general, the groups did not differ in their ratings of the songs they listened to. Experiment 2 tried to improve on Experiment 1 by using 2 CD packages that were modified to make them more similar in terms of complexity and appeal. Participants in the matching group liked some of the songs they listened to more than the participants in the other groups did. Overall, it remains unclear whether a CD’s packaging can influence how much someone likes a song. Suggestions for the controls that should be implemented in future research are discussed.

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