Martin Buber's Life of Dialogue as Perceived in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice

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literature, Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice, Martin Buber, literary criticism, character development


Comparative Literature | English Language and Literature | German Language and Literature | Religion


The purpose of this thesis is to introduce the major concepts of Martin Buber and then evaluate them as they are perceived in the action entailed in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. To accommodate this two-fold purpose, the paper has been divided into two sections. Part I is entitled "Martin Buber's Life of Dialogue" and consists of a systematic presentation of the major concepts entailed in Buber's understanding of what he terms the "I and Thou." Part II, entitled " 'Tween Man and Man," presents a scene by scene commentary of The Merchant of Venice while stressing the relational aspects of the play. The positive and negative aspects of the Buberian concepts will be made as value judgments are made on the characters.

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Religious Studies

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