An Analysis of the Comic Techniques of Charles Chaplin in His Creation of Charlie the Tramp

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English, comedy, Charlie Chaplin, acting, comic techniques, motion pictures


Acting | American Film Studies | American Popular Culture | Film and Media Studies | Performance Studies


The art industry of motion pictures has produced no more famous or more enduring character than Charlie the Tramp. Justly, a measure of his fame is due his creator, Charles Spencer Chaplin.

This study attempts to approach the multiplicity of Charlie by analyzing Chaplin's multiple comic film techniques. It presents a treatment of Charlie based on specific details from the films made by Chaplin from 1914 to 1936, with two exceptions. The purpose is to offer a documented study of the various comic techniques Chaplin blended in his films in order to understand the unifying concept f a "Charlie film." The examples are drawn largely from my viewing experience and from Theodore Huff's "An Index to the Films of Charles Chaplin."

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English: Literature and Writing

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