Comparative Analyses of Choral Techniques as Applied to the High School Girls' Chorus

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Countless schools of thought exist on the subject of choral techniques. Many choral directors have written books and articles about their particular methods of choral artistry which they believe to be the only right techniques. But how can any individual say that one method is correct and another incorrect?

The purpose of this paper is three-fold: (1) to outline in Appendix A all available books and articles on the subject of choral techniques; (2) to catalogue all choral music available in this country written and arranged for girls' chorus, according to range, difficulty, type, composer, arranger, octavo number, publisher, number of parts, solos (if any), accompaniment and period in which composed. Although similar to listings in other choral books, this catalogue contained in Appendix B is the most recent and up-to-date, and (3) to discuss the many controversial statements on choral techniques as well as those generally agreed upon, which appear in the aforementioned books and articles, and to evaluate which of these techniques are most applicable to my particular classroom situation with the Girls' Chorus of Colton High School. In order to display the results of rehearsal methods which I have employed for the last seven months, I presented the Chorus in a program on March 14, 1960.

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