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autism, theory of mind, intervention, social communication, narratives


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Theory of mind (ToM) is a growing area of interest for speech language pathologists working with children with pragmatic language deficits, especially those with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Narrative intervention has been a particularly fruitful avenue for encouraging ToM development. This project attempts to compile the best strategies for ToM intervention into a program centered on picture books; to justify the tool according to evidence-based practice guidelines; and to assemble background information, materials and instructions to make it accessible to clinicians. Research about ToM’s characteristics, its role in ASD and its impact on language are reviewed, and strategies for ToM intervention, including guidelines for assessment, are discussed. Reading Between the Lines was developed with school-aged children with ASD in mind, but may be of use to clinicians working with children of varied ages, diagnoses and levels of ToM development.

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