The Philosophy of Education of Adalbert Stifter as Reflected in "Der Nachsommer"

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German, philosophy, education, Adalbert Stifter, language and literature, Der Nachsommer


Comparative Literature | Education | German Language and Literature | Philosophy | Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education


Der Nachsommer is one of the best and most well-known novels of the nineteenth century Austrian author and educator, Adalbert Stifter. Because nearly all the characters of Der Nachsommer are directly or indirectly connected with the process of education, this work lends itself especially well towards interpretation as an Erziehungsroman (i.e., a novel dealing with education.) There are a few other, and shorter, works by Stifter in which he also deals with his ideas of education, but this paper will purposely concentrate only on this, his major educational and literary work, as his other works give additional examples, but do not contribute significant new insights into his philosophy of education.

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