The Effect of Sympathomimetic Drugs on Ureters

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biology, drugs and medicine, sympathomimetic drugs, ureters, kidney, drug testing


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The purpose of this investigation is to determine the effect of certain sympathomimetic drugs on the tonus and normal spontaneous rhythmic contractions of the excised ureter. The drugs which we studied could have either a stimulant or a depressant effect as well as no effect at all on the ureter. In this paper I will not only report our experimental findings and inferences or conclusions, but I will also present a brief review of the published literature on the drugs used in these experiments. The literature concerning the sympathomimetic drugs and other experimental work having been done in this field will be given. Finally, a description of the apparatus and the method used in my experiments and the results of my investigation will be given followed by a discussion of the results of the experiments along with a summary and explanatory figures.

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