Submission Guidelines for Undergraduate Honors Theses

What You Need to Submit Your Work


  • Create an (or search for your existing) InSPIRe account using a non-Redlands email address to receive download alerts and other notices after your Redlands account is deactivated.
  • Upload your work. You may also upload supplemental files such as data sets.
  • Add descriptive information to help people discover your work (e.g., abstract, keywords).
  • Discuss and select the most appropriate distribution, embargo, and Creative Commons license options for your work with your advisor and/or librarian. In general, the Armacost Library supports unrestricted, open access for several reasons, however restricted access may be useful in some cases.
  • Read and accept the Submission Agreement below.
  • We encourage you to check out the Author FAQ page and to make an appointment with a librarian.


Discuss Options with Your Advisor

Distribution Options
  • Open access. Encouraged by the Armacost Library. Your work will be discoverable via Google and other search engines. Open access serves the scholarly community by freely sharing your research with others around the world, and you retain copyright of your work as noted in the Submission Agreement. Select an embargo option.
  • Restrict access to on-campus users. Descriptive information of your work will be discoverable via Google and other search engines, but the full-text of your work will only be accessible to people while they are on-campus. Given the national and international attention given to InSPIRe, this will significantly inhibit people's ability to access your work.
  • No access. Descriptive information of your work will be discoverable via Google and other search engines, but the full-text of your work will not be publicly available.
Embargo Options

If you select open access distribution, discuss embargo options with your advisor to determine if one is necessary.

  • No embargo. Encouraged by the Armacost Library. Your work will be made available immediately after an InSPIRe administrator posts your work.
  • One-Year embargo. Your work will become available one-year after the publication date.
  • Two-Year embargo. Your work will become available two-years after the publication date.
Creative Commons Licenses

Select a Creative Commons license to help users understand what they are and are not permitted to do with the file(s).

Supplemental Files

If you upload supplemental files (e.g., images, data sets, video), you may choose to make each file file publicly available or hidden from the public. Embargo options are not provided.


Know the Terms of Your Agreement

When submitting your work, you will be prompted to agree to the following terms. Read the Submission Agreement carefully and consult with a librarian about any questions

1. I grant Armacost Library on behalf of the University of Redlands the non-exclusive right to distribute my submission ("the Work") over the Internet and make it part of InSPIRe.

2. I certify that this is my original work and that I've properly cited the works of others. By giving my express permission I am agreeing to the following:

  • I certify that this is my original work and that I have the right to grant permissions. I also certify that, to the best of my knowledge, my work does not infringe upon anyone else's copyright, patent rights, trade secrets, or trademarks, nor does it constitute defamation, invasion of privacy, or other rights of any person or entity.
  • Material that is not my original work (video, images, music, data sets) included in this work is acknowledged and appropriately cited. Furthermore, if my work includes interviews, I have included signed permissions from the interviewees to make their interviews public.

3. I understand that I retain full ownership and rights to my work.

As the author of this work I retain all ownership rights to the copyright of my work. I also retain the right to use all or part of this work in the future (in articles, books, websites, etc.)

By submitting my work, I grant to Armacost Library, University of Redlands the permission to use, display, distribute, transmit, publish, reproduce or copy the content, digitally, in print, or in any other medium. However I retain all intellectual property rights to the content and the responsibility for enforcing those rights.

4. I acknowledge that, as a student, I may have additional rights that protect my privacy.

I specifically acknowledge that my work may constitute an educational record under FERPA (20 U.S.C. § 1232g) and expressly consent to the work being published in InSPIRe@Redlands.


-- Last updated: 3/29/19 --