Undergraduate students whose cumulative academic record demonstrates overall academic excellence may be eligible to complete a departmental honors project. Students whose projects are accepted by the designated departmental honors committee will be awarded honors at graduation.


Submissions from 1962

The Legal Status of West Berlin, Al Warren Hoslett

Connectedness in Topological Spaces, James Keays

A Comparative Study of Aesthetic Theories, Mereld D. Keys

A Differential Analysis of Intellectual Determinants of Rorschach Responses, Lola Lynn Lopes

Messianic Concepts of the Hebrews at the Advent of the Christian Era, Robert A. MacDicken

Existential Psychology: Definitional Considerations and Implications for Scientific Psychology, Julianne Mapes

The Changing Role of Women in China: A Study of a Social System in Transition, Toni Lee Merrell

A Population Analysis of San Bernardino County, Morris E. Morke

Effects of Starvation on the Protein of Escherichia coli, Kenneth Martin Nies

A Study and Analysis of Stanislavsky in Relation to a Senior Thesis Production: "Of Mice And Men," by John Steinbeck, Paul Peterson

The Failure of the Personal: Franz Kafka: An Interpretation of Selected Works in the Light of Martin Buber's Thought, Sandra Caire Pieper

Comparison of the Ribonucleic Acid Configuration of Versene and non Versene Prepared Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Ben Prins

The Production of "The Good Woman of Setzuan", Wes Rolley

A Study of Recent Legislative Proposals to Reform the Supreme Court of the United States, Ronald George Spence

Martin Buber's Life of Dialogue as Perceived in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, Robert Clarence Vieten

The Social Theory and Social Control of Sexual Behavior: Theoretical Studies of Prostitution, Transvestism, and Pornography, J Richard Woodworth

The Theory of the Lebesgue Integral and an Investigation of Its Usefulness in the Solution of Random Variable Problems, Fred Yost

Submissions from 1961

The Production of George Bernard Shaw's "Major Barbara", Vivian-Lee Bridges

The Philosophy of Education of Adalbert Stifter as Reflected in "Der Nachsommer", Deanna Louise Dechert

The Nature, Extent, and Significance of Consumer Credit in the United States, Bernard J. Delsman

A Study of the German Minority in Italian Alto Adige (South Tyrol), Robert George Drake

The Political Status of South West Africa, Clarke Ellis

Theory of Potential Energy Minima for Electron Orbits in Neighboring Atoms, David Bruce Hack

Studies of the Specificity of Ribonucleic Acid in Various Strains of Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Ruth A. Hickel

A Stable Electron Model Based on an Electromagnetic Interpretation of Mass, John C. Huneke

The Effect of Sympathomimetic Drugs on Ureters, Robert Bruce Johnson

The Significance of the Heiligenstadt Testament in Revealing Beethoven The Man, Leilani Lutes

On Producing Arthur Miller's "The Crucible", Linda Modyman

A Critique of Representative Utopian Literature from the Renaissance Through the Twentieth Century Dystopia, Patricia Phyllis Pflaum

Polarographic Investigation of the Half-Wave Potential of Thiosulfate in Peptides, Ronald F. Unzelman

The Economics of John Kenneth Galbraith, Peter Tilton Van Sciver

The Hero as Victim: A Study of the Protagonists in Five Plays by Eugene O'Neill, Joann Marie Woodward

Submissions from 1960

Child Socialization Among Some Agricultural Workers in Fresno County: A Study of Acculturation, Carole Eleanor Crofts

The Influence of Dante upon T.S. Eliot, Mary Judith Dunbar

The Effect of Cold on the Efficiency of Phosphorylation in the Hamster, Leeana Gregory

A Study of United States Acceptance of Compulsory Jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice, John Elliott Hart

Journey to the Citadel: A Study of the Fabric of Saint Exupery's Philosophy, Paola Sensi Isolani

The Viola Da Gamba, The History and Current Revival of the Instrument, Anne Harter Jones

Portrayal of the Negro in Contemporary American Drama, Linda Rae Miller

An Analysis of Representative Works by Eudora Welty, Ruth Morris

An Analysis of the Comic Techniques of Charles Chaplin in His Creation of Charlie the Tramp, Jean Greaves Savage

A Comparison of the Ethic of the Sermon on the Mount with the Ethic of Paul in Romans 12-15:13, Daniel S. Smolen

Comparative Analyses of Choral Techniques as Applied to the High School Girls' Chorus, Deanna Taylor

The Theory of C. Wright Mills and His Analysis of Contemporary American Society, Norman R. Yetman

Submissions from 1959

Studies in Experimental Reduction of the Autokinetic Phenomenon, Dawn Junette Marie Adams

Sophocles' Oedipus Rex and its Contemporary French Dramatic Reinterpretations, Robert H. Adams

The Near Eastern Question in British Foreign Policy with Special Reference to the Embassy of Sir William White at Constantinople, 1886-1891, Thomas Lee Cavanaugh

The South of Thomas Nelson Page, Robert H. Cropp

Voting Behavior: A Study of Research Methodology and Design, Edward C. Dreyer

A Survey of Congressional-Constituent Relations: The Media of Popular Consultation, Margareta U. Eklund