Undergraduate students whose cumulative academic record demonstrates overall academic excellence may be eligible to complete a departmental honors project. Students whose projects are accepted by the designated departmental honors committee will be awarded honors at graduation.


Submissions from 1959

A Catalogue of Contemporary American Song Literature Written During the Past Ten Years: in Addition to the Preparation and Presentation of a Contemporary American Song Recital, Betty June Hooten

The Relationship of Personality Needs and Romanticism to Marital Adjustment, Lauralee Lindholm

A Study of the Effects of Hypothermia on Spiny Lizards, Lonnie Lewis McClanahan

Diseases of the Ear, Joyce Larayne Miller

The Ideal Speech and Drama Curriculum as Presented in the University of Utopia, Joyce Larayne Miller

The Council of Europe and European Unification, Patrick J. Morris

Dramatic Recompositions of Shakespeare, Racine, and Calderon as a Experiment in Contrastive Literature, Marilyn Ruth Nickman

Geology of Cajon Pass, Michael Phifer

Technocracy: Prophet of the Machine Age, Walter Rosenbaum

Submissions from 1958

The Role of Mythology in the Twentieth Century French Theater, Bertrand L. Ball Jr

Wolfgang Borchert: An Interpretative Study, Ann Arlene Marquiss

A Critical Analysis of the Quality of the English Translation of Seventeen Spanish American Novels, Robert Phillips

The River of Life: A Discussion of the Symbols of Water, Isolation, and Silence in the Works of Eduardo Mallea, Frank Harold Pinney

Surface and Subsurface Geology of the Chino Fault Zone in the Southeastern Puente Hills, Charles Thorman

The Personal Realism of Ralph Tyler Flewelling, Gary D. Weatherford

Submissions from 1957

Genetic Differences in the Avoidance Conditioning of Mice, Martin Covington

The Storage of Wavelength and Three Space Coordinate Information on a Two Dimensional Black and White Film by Means of Fresnel Diffraction Patterns, Edward I. Fisher

Maxwell Anderson and the Temple of Man, Grace Ann Goodman

The Development of Primary Standards for X-Ray Microchemical Analysis, Darrell F. High

The Stepwise Alkylation of an Ester by the Grignard Method, George Martin Leiby Jr.

The Diplomatic Relations of Great Britain Leading to the Anglo-Japanese Alliance of 1902, John B. Luebeck

The Novella: A Study of the Short Novel as a Literary Form, Doris Proffitt

Upton Sinclair: Candidate for Governor, Dudley Sipprelle

Synthesis of Some Tertiary Nonyl Alcohols, John Reeder Sjaarda

Horn Silver and Desert Hills, A History of Calico, California, Douglas Steeples

A Structural Functional Analysis of Social Change in the Egyptian Society as a Social System, Elias Hanna Tuma

The Optical Rotation of Irradiated Ovalbumin, James S. Vincent

Galois Theory as Applied to the Solvability of Polynomial Equations, Lael Young

Submissions from 1956

The War and the Automobile Market: A Study of the Major Effects of World War II on the American Automobile Industry, H. Mark Beguelin Jr.

Fifty Years of Defeat: A Study of the Problems of the California Democratic Party, Belmont Brice Jr.

The Ultraviolet Absorption Spectra of Amino Acids and Phenol in Aqueous and Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride Solution, Chirakaikaran John Chacko

Louis Wolfson versus Sewell Avery: A Case Study of a Proxy Battle to Gain Control of Montgomery Ward, John L. Christiansen

The Industrial Workers of the World: A Study of Violence and a Labor Movement, George E. Delury

An Empirical Study of Humor Perception, Fred Francis

The Middle West and the Chicago School, Norman Hoyle

The Conflicts and Conquests of the California Republican Party, 1906-1956, Kent Jennings

Pre-Parole Programs in State and Federal Correctional Institutions for Men, Louise Newton

The Lion of Judah in Never-Never Land: A Study of the Christian Philosophy in C.S. Lewis' Fantasies for Children, Kathryn A. Stillwell

Submissions from 1955

Cooperation and Conflict: An Analysis of the Intercourse Among the Governments in San Bernardino County with Special Attention to San Bernardino-Redlands Area, JeDon A. Emenhiser

The Randall Commission: Its Significance in the Development of Foreign Economic Policy, Geraldine Gabby

A Comparison of Statistical Harmonic Analyses of Three Hindemith Chamber Sonatas, Ruth Haller


Newspapers, Magazines, and Books of the California Gold Rush (1848-1870), Betty Hikiji

Gregorio Lopez y Fuentes and the Mexico of Today: A Novelist's Portrayal of Current Problems, David R. Klock

The Function of Religious Chapel in the Religious Adjustment of Students at the University of Redlands, Charles Molnar

A Comparative Study of Harmonic Rhythm in Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D Major by J.S. Bach and Symphony No. 39 in E-flat Major (K.543) by W.A. Mozart and Symphony No. 3 in E-flat Major, Op. 55, by L. van Beethoven, Richard Edward Palmer

Submissions from 1954

A Study of the Preparation of Mixed-organohalosilanes by the Direct Method, Keith Douglas Carlson

The Saar Problem and Its Relation to the Unification of Europe, James Molla

Defeat in China: A Study of Internal Factors Causing the Defeat of Chiang Kai-shek and Nationalist China, 1944-1949, William J. Moore

Bach's Organ Sonatas: A Short Historical Survey, Theodore Tedd Schilling

Buddhism and Zen, Donald H. Wallace