Undergraduate students whose cumulative academic record demonstrates overall academic excellence may be eligible to complete a departmental honors project. Students whose projects are accepted by the designated departmental honors committee will be awarded honors at graduation.


Submissions from 2006

New Model May Reduce Gender Bias in the Workplace, Andrew Zink

Submissions from 2005


Who's in Control? Explaining Middle Eastern Liberalization through Boolean Analysis and the Mobilization Space Framework, John Seth Alexander

Interactions Between Cadmium and Calcium Ions in the Chelate-mediated Metal Uptake of Indian Mustard, Brassica Juncea, Joseph S. Boyd

Women in the Economy: A Study of Women;s Wage and Labor Discrimination, Megan Cornell


Black-Scholes and Monetary Black Holes, John P. Krumme

Fascinating Aspects of Romantic German Lied, Mary Ann Minges

Warfare and Women's Changing Role in the United States Military, Darci Mulvihill

Nucleophilic Addition and [3+2] Cycloaddition to Carbonyl Oxides, Justin O'Neill

Child Nutrition, Angie Denisse Otiniano

Establishment of in Vivo and in Virto Systems to Study Efficacy of Doxorubicin in the PyVT Breast Cancer Mouse Model, Megan Prosser


Non-Synergistic Tumorigenesis in Mice Coespressing MMTV.HER2/neu and MMTV.c-myc Ocogenes, Steven Rabenstein

An Examination of the Mechanism of Tetracycline Toxicity on Drosophila melanogaster, Sara Ruiz

Synthesis of Naturally Occurring Decanolides, Moriah M. Sandy

Is Doxorubicin Cardiotoxicity Protection by Reduced Expression of the Cbr1 Gene Observed in Backgrounds Other Than 129 SVE?, Erin Schwartz

The World of Jewish Vocal Music, Jennifer Ann Seidman

Practical Postmodern Possibilities: Radical Democracy with a Twist, Orion Steele

Submissions from 2004

Symbolism in Music: The Way the Flower Blooms, Michelle Lynn Arthur


The Mystical Body: A Study and Ascetical Practice Through Gender, Jacqueline A. Ballard

Symmetry Groups of Frieze and Wallpaper Patterns, Sarah Elizabeth Breyer


Grieving for Children: The Japanese Ritual of Mizuko KuyO, Elizabeth Jackman


Theorizing the Subject of Radical Democracy, Chas. A. Phillips

Observation of Protein Activity in Sbe2.1 and Sbe2.2 T-DNA Mutants and Identification of a Sbe2.1/Sbe2.2 Double Mutant in Arabidopsis thaliana, Lora Plumlee

Becoming Foucaultian: A Theory of Reading, Dialogic Prose, and Intersubjectivity, Brian Richardson

The Presence of the Author in the Prose works of Sylvia Plath, Korinne Stockler

Does a School's Organizational Structure Affect Student Test Scores?: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Elementary Education, Skye Tirsbier

The Enhancement of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises, Ellen Tsang

The Integration of Peripheral Production Networks: A Study of the Automobile Industry in Spain and Central Europe, Lucas D. Willard

Submissions from 2003

Excavating Belief: The Role of Faith in a Science-Oriented Society, Jenifer Boshes

Spatial Statistical Analysis of Surface Survey Data from tel el Far-ah South, Israel, Jenifer Boshes


Dragon Tale, Amanda Colclough

Yucca Mountain and the "Screw Nevada" Debate, Elizabeth DiNello

Comparative Genomic Analysis and Identification of Argonaute and Dicer Family Homologues in Anapheles gambia, Monica Dus

Opera: The Empowerment of Women, Tiana Dye


The Airline Industry as a Commodity Industry, Stephen Ellis

California's Governance and its Impact on Foreign Direct Investment, Miles Garber

One Poem, Countless Possibilities, Angela Garcia and Meena Malik

(Re)Viewing Domesticity and Gender Roles in the 1950s: The Valorization of Housewives in Advertising, Katherine Guevarra

Construction for Destruction, Erick Guzman

The Influence of Islam on the Socioeconomic and Political Development of Muslim Nations: A Case Study of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, Momal Iqbal


Freedom (Mis)Understood: An Examination of the Subject and Freedom's Social Construction, Amy Kniss

The FASB Approach versus the IASB Approach Regarding Revenue Recognition, Vicki Lan

The Effects of Participation in a Small Newsletter Group on Self-Awareness, Social Discourse and Written Expression for Adults with Acquired Neurological Disorders, Lindsey C. Mannion


She Fought Too: Soviet Female Combat Soldiers in World War Two, Michelle Mason

Study of the Southern Populace, Rachael McClain

Cell Division Cycle Control and Regulation Within the Budding Yeast Kluyveromyces lactis: cdc14 Mutation or Suppression, Andrew Munson


Man of Action: Lyndon Johnson's Emergence as the Greatest Civil Rights President of the Twentieth Century, Ronald Reich

Moko Renaissance: The Rebirth of Maori Tattooing as an Assertion of Identity, Maribel Rodriguez


Breaking Common Ground: The Voices of Religious Pluralism in Modern American Society, Laura Smolka

Submissions from 2002


Deficiency Screening to Uncover Viability Effects of Wolbachia on Drospohila melanogaster, Aaron A. Abrahamsen


The Persistence of Creationism in the Post-Darwinian Scientific Era, Aaron A. Abrahamsen