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Leadership and Higher Education


Doctor of Education (Ed.D)

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Nicol R. Howard, Ph.D.

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Mary Alayne Sullivan, Ph.D.

Wilbert L. Greer, Jr., Ph.D.


African American students, California school funding, equity in school finance, Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), resource allocation


Education | Educational Administration and Supervision | Educational Leadership


This qualitative phenomenological research explored how administrators perceive Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) resources and their influence on African American student achievement. The central phenomenon was the role of district office administrators in determining LCFF resource allocations. A nonrandom recruitment selection of 10 public-school transitional kindergarten through Grade 12 district employees in a southern California county from seven districts with African American student populations of 8% or higher participated in the study. The district administrators who participated in semistructured interviews were superintendents, assistant superintendents, and directors. Seven themes emerged from the collected and analyzed data: (a) African American students indirectly addressed by LCFF, (b) African American achievement indirectly impacted by LCFF, (c) LCFF statutory regulations: intentional policy and practice, (d) LCFF metrics to determine effective versus ineffective expenditures, (e) LCFF resource allocation methodology, (f) LCFF voice: advocacy and stakeholder engagement, and (g) culturally responsive school leadership. Districts have flexibility with LCFF to allocate resources to meet local needs and address disparities and inequities that impact historically underperforming student groups. In order to understand how to eradicate the persistent underperformance by African American students, this study looks at the perspective of those who have the LCFF decision-making power to allocate resources in districts.

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