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Leadership and Higher Education


Doctor of Education (Ed.D)

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Dr. Jose Lalas

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Dr. Brian Charest

Dr. Acquillahs Muteti


Critical Determination, Math Professional Development, Math Achievement Equity, CEMSPLI, Narrative Inquiry


Educational Leadership | Elementary Education | Elementary Education and Teaching | Science and Mathematics Education


The purpose of this study is to identify the paradigms and practices in mathematics education that shifted as a result of elementary school teacher participation in the California Education Mathematics and Science Professional Learning Initiative (CEMSPLI), Transforming Lives: The Mathematics Leadership Institute professional development program. The purpose of this program was to partner with a school district in Southern California to address historic underachievement within this marginalized community, specifically in mathematics. Through this partnership, the program proved effective in increasing students’ learning of mathematics. The Southern California schools who participated in the CEMSPLI grant experienced disproportionately high levels of positive improvement in mathematics achievement in their community, which is composed of predominately lower socio-economic students of color. This dissertation studies and amplifies the voices of teacher and principal participants in the CEMSPLI grant using qualitative, narrative inquiry methods. To complete this study, I interviewed three teachers and three principals who participated in the grant. I analyzed the collected data through the constructed lens of “Critical Determination,” and then based on the themes that emerged, I crafted a framework of suggestions for the optimal design of mathematics professional learning programs.

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