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Leadership and Higher Education


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Andrew Wall, Ph.D.

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education; community; evaluation; learning; PLC; professional; teacher


Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Educational Leadership | Secondary Education


This study sought to deepen the understanding of how Professional Learning Communities may be utilized as a structure for effecting change. The tenets of a Professional Learning Community have some similarities to the current California Standards of the Teaching Profession (CSTP). Recognizing that these similarities exist, the problem of determining how much these intersect and how much one may impact the other was at the heart of this study. This study sought to find out if these processes are sufficiently institutionalized and whether the PLCs are integral structures to other practices such as evaluation. Since one of the goals of each district being studied was to have PLCs in place at each school and the practice of evaluation is seen as a process to give feedback to teachers on their performance, this study sought to determine if these two components were in congruence. Koops and Windsor (2006) state, “If creating a professional learning community is one of the goals of an evaluation process, defining a professional learning community is essential” (p.66).


ISBN: 9781369612035