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Leadership and Higher Education


Doctor of Education (Ed.D)

Dissertation Chair

Dr. Alayne Sullivan, PhD.

Committee Members

Dr. Philip Mirci

Dr. Ann Unterreiner, Ph.D.


educational justice, AVID teachers, life stories, beliefs, classroom practices, curriculum


Educational Leadership


This qualitative case study investigated the ways in which Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) teacehrs' life stories and beliefs inform their teaching practices. The research was situated in the field of social and educational justice. Primary data were collected through semi0structured interviews with seven participants and were then triangulated through direct classroom observations and a focus group discussion. The data were analyzed via codification of interview and focus group transcripts and observation protocols for emergent themes. Six key themes emerged: life experience details, explicit philosophy/belief statements, how life experience details and beliefs shape teaching approaches, how AVID confirms teachers' life experiences and beliefs, statements of personal agency, and statements of program agency. The analyzed data suggest that AVID teachers' life stories and beleifs do indeed bear on their teaching practices in a number of ways.