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Leadership and Higher Education


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Pauline Reynolds, Ph.D.

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Alayne Sullivan, Ph.D.

Steve Wuhs, Ph.D.


Latino, undocumented, immigration, college, student, newspaper, newprint, media, periodical, portrayal, stereotype


Educational Leadership | Higher Education


With President Obama's recent focus on immigration, the plight of undocumented college students has become a more pressing matter in colleges and universities across the country. Given the State of California's large Latino immigrant population, the media's ability to provide accurate information on multiple aspects pertaining to the accessibility of higher education for the undocumented becomes increasingly important. By closely examining all newsprint articles in the English newspaper, The Los Angeles Times, and it's sister Spanish publication, La Opinion, regarding undocumented college students from 1992 to 2014, Ericka Paddock provides a comprehensive view of how media portrayals impact the public's view of immigration legislation and undocumented college students in general. How do English and Spanish newspapers differ when discussing the topic of undocumented college students in higher education? And how are they similar? In addressing these questions, Paddock finds that the way each newspaper portrays the issue has much to do with the frames, themes, and discourse they use to describe various perceptions of immigration itself.


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