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Leadership and Higher Education


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Dr. Jose Lalas, Ph.D.

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Dr. Brian Charest, Ph.D.

Dr. Barbara M. Flores, Ph.D.


Long-term English Learners, semiosis, literacy, semiotic resource


Educational Leadership


The objective of this study was to gather teacher voices in order to examine the perception of teachers in teaching meaning-making in literacy to Long-term English learners (LTEL). This study focused on how meaning-making in literacy instruction is facilitated to English learners from kinder through sixth grade. The goal of this study was to understand how English learners at the elementary level become Long-term English learners. The purpose was to gather data that informs how meaning-making in literacy is taught to this student group; guided by social semiotic theory, data was gathered. In order to guide the development and implementation of sustainable systems that support meaning-making in literacy among LTELs, teachers’ voices need to be heard and used as the primary source of guidance. To allow for an in-depth investigation of the meaning given to the experiences of the small participant population, narrative inquiry was used. Through storytelling, this study attempted to shed light on teachers’ methodologies that are currently used in the classroom to support meaning-making in literacy. The goal of this study was to answer the following questions: How does teacher’s perception of meaning-making in literacy and the goals set for students drive the delivery of literacy instruction for English learners and Long-term English learners? How do teachers provide opportunities to develop strong meaning-making skills in literacy instruction for Long-term English learners? To what extent does the teacher’s perception of reading, delivery of instruction, and planning reflect meaning-making for English learners and Long-term English learners? What recommendations can be made to educators and administrators who are responsible for professional development in regard to providing a strong literacy program intended to empower Long-term English learners in developing their meaning-making abilities?

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