Submissions from 2015


The Virgin of Guadalupe, La Santa and the Penitent: Gender, Mexican Nationalism and the Santa Teresa Femicides in 2666's "The Part About the Crimes", Aaron Cohen

Submissions from 2014


Magic Wands, Aliens, and the Truth: Rowling and Card's Depiction of the Adult, the Child, the Shadow and the Other, Yoshie Manaka

Submissions from 2012

"Life Perpetuated in ... Beautiful Lies": Sincerity's Limits and Frank O'Hara's Aesthetics of Deceit", Ryan D. Sullivan

Submissions from 2011


"Liv[ing] by Comparisons": A Post-Structuralist Feminist Analysis of Identity, Community, and Narrative in 'Their Eyes Were Watching God', Katherine Ostrinski

Submissions from 2010

Questions of Value: Patterns of Exchange and Morality in Jane Austen's "Mansfield Park", Caitlin K. Clark


Shifting Concepts of the "Other" in Modern Science Fiction, Robert Hunter


"Is There Such a Things as a Detour?": The Study of Language and Comprehension in Charlotte Delbo and Paul Celan, Lauren Rudin


What are You Looking at? : Gazing at the Non-Western Other, Annika Schaffroth

Submissions from 2008


Understanding Autism: Exploring Society's Classification of the Autistic Body and the Representations of Autism in Literature and Film, Sydney Townes-Witzel

Submissions from 2007

When Willing Doesn't Work: Attention, Practice, Faith, Kristen Steslow

Submissions from 2006


Tasting the Forbidden Fruit: Transgressions and Rebellion Against God in Paradise Lost, Night, and The Innocence of the Devil, Amy Brinkmeyer

The Structural Collapse of Time and Family: The Compson Brothers' Inability to Reconcile Time and Love in Faulkner's "The Sound and the Fury", Autumn L. Hawes

Creative Paradigms in Literature, Elizabeth A. Kuznkowski

Submissions from 2001


Compound of Majesty: Prince Hal and Hamlet, Dustin Lovell