A Geodatabase for the Washington Council of County Surveyors (WCCS) Data Warehouse

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Douglas M. Flewelling, Ph.D.

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James A. Ciarrocca, M.S.


In the State of Washington, local agencies use a variety of methods for registering parcel information and base layers of their geographic information systems (GIS). The best registration methods require the use of survey control. The Washington Council of County Surveyors (WCCS) provides a database schema, commonly referred to as a template for use by others to store information about survey control monuments. The template provides a standard design that allows and entices counties to share survey monument data through a web-based warehouse that can be accessed by local agencies. Another form of the template called a geodatabase was created in this project, consistent with use in a contemporary geographic information system. This project involved a database design review, an investigation of existing survey monument data, and the creation of Python software utilities to generate the WCCS Geodatabase. Results from this project promote the original idea of the warehouse with other user communities, thus increasing the influence of survey control standards among a broader audience. It is intended to help GIS managers improve the positional accuracy of base layers of local spatial databases while helping to bridge gaps between Surveying and GIS practitioners.

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