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Mark P. Kumler, Ph.D.

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Bryan Baker, Ph.D.
Timothy Krantz, Ph.D.


This project examines the concept of Terroir as a wine varietal’s physical habitat. The famous European wine regions were assumed to represent the mother habitat characteristics for optimum varietal growth. This project specifically examined the Burgundy region of France in order to determine the physical characteristics required to grow the Pinot Noir varietal. Once these characteristics were determined, they were used to rate the suitability of the Willamette Valley, Oregon, to grow similar quality Pinot Noir grapes. The test region was found to be suitable, although did not match the source region suitability one hundred percent. Finally, a logit regression model was explored to ascertain the viability of this approach to rate an area as a vineyard or non-vineyard, and to further define the influence of individual physical aspects in rating a varietal area. The results indicated the logit regression model as a viable approach for varietal rating given higher resolution data. (42076 kB)
French Wine Terroir (Poster)


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