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Aileen R. Buckley, Ph.D.

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Mark Kumler, Ph.D.
Charlie Frye, M.A.


ArcGIS 9.2 software, released in late 2006, introduced a new way for ESRI users to store symbology in the geodatabase. This new method, called cartographic representations, presents new challenges for those individuals involved in producing high-quality maps from the GIS. These challenges include developing new workflows which incorporate the new technology.

The project methodology used an existing geodatabase and a test set of hard copy maps as a base from which to develop a prototype methodology to implement cartographic representations.

The main purpose of the project was to discover how feature symbols for multiple map products could be stored within a single geodatabase. In the course of the research, new techniques and functionality available with cartographic representations were evaluated against the standard ArcMap symbol management tools.

Kasianchuk_Poster.pdf (20539 kB)
A Prototype Method for Storing Symbols for Multiple Maps in a Single Geodatabase Using ArcGIS Cartographic Representations (Poster)


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