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Douglas M. Flewelling, Ph.D.

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Mark P. Kumler, Ph.D.


Most of the time managing facilities involve storing, querying, and updating spatial data. GIS is a perfect tool for building a database. The Facilities Department at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) needed a method for more effective and efficient management of their facilities. Their map was not georeferenced nor interactive and did not have sufficient metadata. Their most current CAD files lacked accuracy. For any project, the Facilities Department faced many problems, including time spent searching for information, organizing data, difficulties finding accurate location of facilities, duplication of work, and difficulties in adding and updating data. Therefore, the project objective was to move CAD files to GIS. This involved georeferencing CAD files, converting CAD data to geodatabase feature classes, geodatabase design, and base map creation and design. These tasks were useful in assigning geographic coordinates to spatial data, providing better management of data, base map creation and design, and accuracy enhancement of CAD features. This project provided a basic understanding of how to work with CAD files in GIS, and outlined procedures and methodologies for geodatabase design and creating a base map for the facilities from CAD data.

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Implementing GIS for Facilities Management at CalTech (Poster)


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