Field Operating Guide: Determining a More Optimal Path

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Committee Chair

R. Maxwell Baber, Ph.D.

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Diana Stuart Sinton, Ph.D.


This project presents ArcGIS Server enhancements to online travel tools in support of the Joint Information Operations Warfare Command’s (JIOWC) worldwide mission, which requires large amounts of temporary duty (TDY) travel. Rising costs and budget cuts necessitate JIOWC to be more efficient in managing this activity. The “Field Operating Guide: Determining a More Optimal Path” application prototype identifies travel problems along three functional components related to TDYs and provides spatial solutions to them. A proof of concept demonstrated optimizing travel decisions in regards to cost, congestion, and time. This is accomplished along the spatial components of finding lodging on a TDY, organizing stops on a TDY, and traversing the sub-network that exists at each TDY stop. By engaging in online pre-trip planning on these components, particular aspects of travel can be up to 30 times more efficient in regards to both time and cost.

Full text is available at the University of Redlands


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