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Douglas M. Flewelling, Ph.D.

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Mark Stewart, Ph.D


The driving forces behind Esri’s Community Maps program are very similar to those of all GIS users: the desire for accurate, available, transparent and cost efficient information. In an attempt to further populate the Community Maps program on ArcGIS Online, a map of the University of Redlands was produced and contributed to Esri. This topographic campus map now serves as a basemap for GIS users to use free of charge. This report explains the necessary steps in producing this campus map as well as fulfilling client and program requirements. This project will eliminate duplication efforts in data collection, layer creation and geodatabase updating, resulting in organized and current data to interested parties in performing future analysis. Although not a new concept, there is not a topographic basemap of the University of Redlands in Esri’s Community Maps on ArcGIS online.

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A Community Map of the University of Redlands (Poster)


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