CourseMap: A Geographic Information System for the Redlands Country Club Golf Course

Publication Date


Committee Chair

Karen K. Kemp, Ph.D.

Committee Members

Glenn Hyman, Ph.D.
Daniel Bucko
Richard Ray
Donald Savacool
Cornelis G. Hoogeweg, Ph.D.


CourseMap is a geographic information system to improve the decision-making and operational activities for the maintenance of Redlands Country Club (Redlands, CA). It is an opportunity to enhance the way information is accessed and used in the management of the golf course.

This project report describes the goals of the CourseMap project to fulfill the requirements of geographic data creation in providing a base map of the course, as well as irrigation and tree data. Other objectives include using the information created to provide other analyses and applications for Redlands Country Club. These include the surface and hydrologic runoff, the sprinkler coverage and water use, and the leaching of pesticides to groundwater. Applications to use the data consist of a sprinkler information system, an Internet map server and website, as well as a mobile handheld solution.

Full text is available at the University of Redlands


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