A Model of the San Timoteo Watershed Sub-basins

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Committee Chair

Glenn Hyman, Ph.D.

Committee Members

Karen K. Kemp, Ph.D.
Timothy Krantz, Ph.D.
Lisa Pierce


Implementing a regional water resources management program to solve and improve issues such as conjunctive use of water resources, recycling of water, yield enhancement, environmental protection/restoration and ultimately reducing dependency and cost of importing resources is the primary focus of the watershed management program. Due to development and the necessity for cooperation across water district agencies, a comprehensive protocol for managing water resources is essential. A spatial decision support system is needed to support the San Timoteo Watershed Management Authority (STWMA) in its decision making process for organizing, accessing, and evaluating a wide range of information to establish informed and factual positions regarding water resources. In order to support the overall management program, the groundwater hydrogeology of the San Timoteo Creek Watershed sub-basin was modeled. The second part of this project is to develop an application that serves as a decision support tool for managing water resources for all the sub-basins in the whole San Timoteo Watershed Management Area water regime. The application determines the reservoir storage volume for any specified study area.

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