Sonoita-Elgin Emergency Geographic Information System (SEEGIS)

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Committee Chair

Kelly Chan, Ph.D.

Committee Members

Karen K. Kemp, Ph.D.
Aileen Buckley


Sonoita-Elgin Emergency Services Incorporated (SEESI) provides volunteer medical, fire, motor vehicle accident, and related emergency services to a 900mi2 area of southern Arizona. The nature of their operations makes the management of spatial information a core business practice. The SEEGIS project applies the power and versatility of GIS to that practice by integrating SEESI's spatial information with standard GIS base layers in a customized ArcGIS platform. The result is an effective business tool that allows SEESI to capture the utility of GIS: efficient management of spatial data, production of straightforward hard-copy maps, and spatial analyses that increase understanding of the coverage area. Furthermore, SEEGIS provides a solid infrastructure to support future GIS expansion and investment.

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