Sharing Community Resiliency Information Through a Mobile Web Application

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Ruijin Ma, Ph.D.

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Douglas M. Flewelling, Ph.D.


Community resiliency is the measure of how quickly a community can return from a state of emergency to everyday life. During and after disasters, people are eager to know the real-time situations of their surroundings. Such community resiliency information is critical for communities to facilitate recoveries from disasters. This project developed a mobile GIS application for collecting and sharing real time information among the public for disaster management at the American Red Cross San Diego/Imperial Countries Chapter (SDICC). A geodatabase was created to store the information. ArcGIS for Server published feature services and map services which are consumed by the developed mobile GIS application. The Android mobile GIS application enables registered SDICC community partners to collect and publish resiliency data, and allows the general public to access important resiliency information in real time.

Full text is available at the University of Redlands


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