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Fang Ren, Ph.D.

Committee Chair

Russell Weaver, Ph.D.


Geospatial information is integral in helping historians and students understand the past. This project incorporated data culled from historical records concerning baptized individuals at seven missions kept by Spanish priests into a GIS environment. Individuals with a known origin, birth date, baptismal date and death date were given locational coordinates based on corresponding regional data. This spatial relationship allowed for statistical analysis of longevity of individuals within mission outreach populations. A web application with four primary functionalities was developed to provide visual context for historians and students regarding the California mission system in the San Francisco Bay Area. Functionalities of the web application include a query of baptized individuals, dynamic representation of descriptive statistics, interactive temporal representation of individuals with a time slider, and comparative display of mission outreaches. The products of this project are intended to provide a basis for further georepresentation of historical populations within GIS and on the web.

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Georepresentation of Populations at Seven Spanish Missions in Alta California (Poster)


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