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Douglas M. Flewelling, Ph.D.

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Rujin Ma, Ph.D.


Buildings on a university campus contain safety assets that require inspection, service, and repair. Knowledge of where equipment is located and the type of equipment are important for safety planning. The current process exists in multiple formats: paper, Excel, Word, and CAD files. Retrieving information where safety equipment is located is time consuming or in the hands of a single individual. By implementing a GIS solution, safety data are available in a single location making it efficient to access data and view where equipment is located when conducting inspections and planning for safety upgrades. The processes involved organizing a geodatabase, creating map layers, and developing a Web application. A coded value system for subtypes and domain associations provided a visual perspective of room types and their campus usage. In the event of an emergency, facilities management can access safety data in a single location and make informative decisions to surrounding areas.


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