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Mark P. Kumler, Ph.D.

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Nader Afzalan, Ph.D.


The University of Redlands contains quite a number of buildings with complex details. The university website does not have an interactive map that users such as students can use for orientation around the campus. Even though the data exist and they are able to use them to develop spatial tools, 3D tools have not been developed yet. The goal of this project is to develop a proof of concept for 3D indoor routing using the University of Redlands as a study case. The project is implemented to accommodate two scenarios for the routing analysis: Handicapped and Elevator, and Non-handicapped and Stairs. These results will be accessible for users through a web browser as 3D web scene for visualization purpose. The ArcGIS Network Analyst extension was used to build the route scenarios. The tool was developed to run only within the ArcGIS for Desktop environment. To run the tool, a user needs to open the scene and the tool interface from the ArcScene application, then enter the parameter of the desired scenario and run the tool. This would create a 3D route among the desired points of interest. The 3D model was developed in CityEngine and published as a web scene hosted in CloudCities with sample results of the two scenarios. Users are able to view the 3D scene and route results through a web browser. The web scene dashboard was customized to visualize the interactive 3D scene.

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3D Indoor Routing for University of Redlands (Poster)


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