Three Dimensional Cartography for a Theater Production

Chad D. Lopez, University of Redlands


This report documents the planning, design, and implementation of the Three Dimensional Cartography for a Theater Production project. This project’s client was Professor Chris Beach, a professor of Theater Arts at the University of Redlands. Professor Beach was interested in implementing 3D cartographic geovisualizations into a theater production he was co-writing. These geovisualizations were meant to be presented alongside actors on stage to a live audience. The datasets visualized include antique USGS topographic maps, National Park Service maps, orthographic photos and prehistoric petroglyphic cartographic representations. The process of implementing this project involved gathering raw data from internet sources, formatting them so they could be utilized on a 3D platform, and exporting animation tracks created from the data as videos. This project used ArcGIS software to create dynamic 3D cartographic representations that were visually appealing and engaging to an audience.