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Ruijin Ma, Ph.D.

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Douglas M, Flewelling, Ph.D.


The Salton Sea, in southern California, is the largest lake in California with an area of 370 square miles. It has environmental issues such as salinity and drought. Dr. Timothy Krantz, the client of this project, proposed a solution to reduce the environmental impacts. The solution was to connect the Salton Sea to the Gulf of California using pipelines. As a result, the project’s goal was to determine the optimal location for the pipelines to link these bodies of water considering multiple criteria. A least-cost path analysis was used to determine the best pipeline routes. Also, a weighted overlay analysis was used to discover suitable sites for solar farms adjacent to the pipelines. A paper map that locates the pipeline routes and solar sites was delivered to the client. Additionally, GIS tools, which were developed throughout the project’s process, were submitted for future work on this project.

Alzaaq_Poster .pdf (1926 kB)
The Optimal Location for the Salton Sea Pipelines (Poster)

Alzaaq_Presentation.pptx (5347 kB)
The Optimal Location for the Salton Sea Pipelines (Presentation)

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