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Nader Afzalan, Ph.D.

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Fang Ren, Ph.D.


King Abdulaziz University (KAU) is one of the largest and most prestigious universities in the Middle East that seeks to recruit new developments and technologies to improve operations that help controlling facilities and services in the campus. In recent years, GIS has been improved in capturing, manipulation, analyzing, managing, and visualizing spatial data in 3D forms. KAU authorities and decision-makers decided to benefit from these advances especially from its 3D uses. In this project, the project team built and manipulated two different databases for the two parts of the project: 3D modeling and 3D interactive indoor evacuation plan. The first database was built to store all the spatial data and visualize it in the 3D model. The KAU model was published to the public as a web scene to facilitate storing and sharing the spatial data with better visualization capability. In addition, due to the lack of the safety standards at KAU, the second database was built to develop an interactive indoor evacuation plan for King Abdulaziz University Hospital building. The developed evacuation system supports both handicapped and nonhandicapped modes.

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3D Evacuation Plan and Visualization for King Abdulaziz University (Poster)


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