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Fang Ren, Ph.D.

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Nader Afzalan, Ph.D.


More than a century of fire suppression and mismanagement have severely affected the forest and fire ecology of the Blue Mountains of Oregon. To clear these forests and raise funds for restoration, the USDA Forest Service would like to conduct timber harvests of the unnaturally abundant tree species from these forests. Harvestable areas must be compliant with the Oregon Department of Forestry’s Forest Practice Rules. Once harvestable areas are identified, travel times from these areas to nearby timber mills must be generated. A tool was created with python scripting in ArcGIS to streamline this analysis. Of the 1617 square miles of the study area, 1391 square miles were found to be compliant with the Oregon Department of Forestry rules. Travel times from these compliant areas to 32 nearby timbers mills were generated with a mean travel time of 214 minutes, low travel time of less than one minute, and a high travel time of 443 minutes. The tool created by this project will be used for analysis of other forested areas in the future.

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Identification of Optimal Timber Harvest Locations (Poster)

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