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Fang Ren, Ph.D.

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Ruijin Ma, Ph.D.


The project was about developing a GIS solution for salt marsh mosquito control in

Naval Base Ventura County Point Mugu (NBVC), a United States Naval Station. The

Point Mugu Naval base was faced with nuisance of black salt marsh mosquitos every

mosquito season which affects a population of aproximately1546 civilian, military

personnel’s and their dependents that live on sites. The Naval Base needed to identify potential areas for salt marsh mosquito breeding and thus develop a method to Control and monitor the pests while minimizing harm to people and the environment. To solve this problem, a GIS solution was proposed that entailed combination of the modified bathtub approach and ArcGIS spatial analyst functions for prediction of potential salt marsh mosquito breeding sites, developing a spatial database, and producing series of maps. The results included a predictive potential site model of possible mosquito breeding areas, a geodatabase to record and track mosquito control data, and maps to guide field work. Developing a GIS solution for salt marsh mosquito control provided a decision-making support to help the NBVC Point Mugu adapt and adopt a new control management approach by prioritizing control effort to reduce mosquito populations.

VuchitehCharles_Poster.pdf (975 kB)
A Geographic Information System for Salt Marsh Mosquito Control in Naval Base Ventura County Point Mugu (Poster)


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