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Nader, Afzalan, Ph.D.

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Douglas M. Flewelling, Ph.D.


Food security is a component of both accessibility and nutritional value of food to the consumer. Food access is dependent on income and the distance a consumer covers to get to a food source. Healthy food access is therefore both a geographical and socio economic problem. In this project, the City of Riverside sought GIS technology to understand and tackle issues related to healthy food access. This was achieved through the development of an online application that maps local food resources and spatial analysis to investigate food access in relation to the spatial distribution of these resources. Income levels and distance from a food source were the criteria used to identify areas in the city that have low healthy food access and require attention by policy makers and other stakeholders. The results of the food analysis were communicated through the web application. The application is also an interactive platform that consumers and food distribution sources could use to connect with each other.

MutungaJosphat_Poster.pdf (1421 kB)
The City of Riverside Food System Map and Healthy Food Accessibility Analysis (Poster)


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