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Ruijin Ma, Ph.D.

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Mark P. Kumler, Pd.D.


Historical aerial film images are a valuable record of the past, and are useful as a baseline for change detection and landcover analysis. To be useful in GIS analysis the images must be oriented to a spatial reference system. This is challenging as historical imagery is often missing flight and camera information. Traditional photogrammetric processing techniques exist to overcome these challenges, but they require specialized knowledge, time and expense to complete. Because of this, many collections of historical images are left unprocessed. This project produced a method to quickly standardize the photos, spatially orient them, correct them for distortion effects, and extract a digital surface model from the overlapping image series using Pix4D Professional. The horizontal accuracy met National Map Accuracy Standards when the Pix 4D process was combined with traditional georeferencing. The workflow was faster than traditional methods due to economies of scale in the new process.

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