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Mark P. Kumler, Ph.D.

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Douglas Flewelling, Ph.D.


Cities are experiencing increasing growth in population and business infrastructure. These changes have profound impacts on urban planners and stakeholders alike, in how they view and conceptualize potential new developments. In the past, the downtown area of the City of San Bernardino would take on new projects only having a rendering of the proposed building(s), making it time consuming and difficult to understand the wider impact on the surrounding areas. Without view analyses these developments could potentially result in termination due to deadlines or loss of interest from stakeholder. This project addressed this issue by creating 3D renderings of the area using CityEngine and preforming various visual analyses for new development(s). Having CityEngine will deduct meeting time and effectively answer visual questions their various stakeholders have in regard to the developments or cityscape of downtown San Bernardino area. These conclusions of these findings were significant to the downtown City of San Bernardino, and the project was able to be created with the data provided. The data also allowed the project to and create the cityscape of the downtown area and to preform various visual analyses to solidify the project’s fruition.

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