Social Network Analysis For Army Experimentation Events

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Committee Chair

Douglas M. Flewelling, Ph.D.

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James A. Ciarrocca, M.S.


The Social Network Analysis for Army Experimentation Events application assists Army scenario developers in the creation of realistic, reasonable, robust, reusable, and responsive story lines for use in Army experimentation events. The application includes a range of data regarding terrorist organizations. This data include organizational bases, sanctuaries, areas of operation, ideologies, state-sponsorship, targets, tactics, and interorganizational linkages. Revealing the locations and interactions of these organizations will highlight areas of potential future Army commitment. When this data are combined with targets of opportunity, the application highlights areas of potential vulnerability. Focusing on these areas of potential conflict and the targets of potential vulnerability, scenario developers will ensure that event participants study problem sets currently concerning Army leadership.

Full text is available at the University of Redlands


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