A Proof-of-Concept for Geoprocessing Tools in a Thin Client for the SPINE Environment

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Kelly Chan, Ph.D.

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Alan Jackson


The Redlands Institute is developing a system called SPINE, as part of the Desert Tortoise Project, to provide more effective access to scientific information concerning the desert tortoise for the North Training Center (NTC) specifically, and the entire research community secondarily. Part of the SPINE project is to provide access to geographic information through the internet, facilitating the process of data discovery. Part of the functional requirements specifies the need to offer geoprocessing capabilities to SPINE users. ArcIMS, as an internet mapping system, does not provide any of these functionalities out of the box. Another new product from ESRI, MapObjects Java 2, offers a series of geometric and spatial operations, which could be delivered over the web. This project is a report of a proof-of-concept that combines the mapping capabilities of ArcIMS and the spatial processing of MOJava 2. With these two technologies a web application can offer more advanced geoprocessing functionalities than the standard mapping operations commonly found over the internet, with the additional advantage of being a platform independent solution, both in the server side as in the client side.

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