Using GIS to Manage the Redlands Bicycle Classic

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Committee Chair

Karen K. Kemp, Ph.D.

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Jay Sandhu, Ph.D.


The goal of this project is to supplement and strengthen the Redlandsí Bicycle Classic planning efforts by using GIS to integrate the data, visually display the information and perform visual and spatial analysis. The tasks to do this include:

• Integrate relevant data from various sources.

• Display integrated information on a map.

• Use the integrated data to determine where problems are likely to occur and to determine the impact to the surrounding motorists and population.

• Perform network analysis to determine alternate routes for motorists around the closed roads and analyze traffic control positions to determine the best allocation of resources and to ensure egress and ingress.

• Create three-dimensional displays of the race course to convey additional information such as good viewing spots and to identify where additional safety measures are needed.

With the maps provided, the public can easily see where the race is, where and when the roads are closed, and where to find a race official at a traffic control position if help or information is required.

Population, accident and road density maps offer methods of analyzing where potential problems may occur based on concentrations of people, roads, or frequency of accidents. Population counts and traffic volume present an indication of the impact of the race on the community.

Network analysis can be used to find the best route to or from emergency facilities and to find alternate routes due to road closures. Network analysis can be used to demarcate service areas showing the places that can be reached in a given amount of time. Using linear referencing tools and dynamic segmentation, suggested locations of additional TCPs can be determined based on where accidents frequently occur, where population is sizable, where roads are more traveled and where the slope of the road is significant.

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