Facilities Management Geographic Information System for the University of Redlands

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Glenn Hyman, Ph.D.

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Karen K. Kemp, Ph.D.


Facilities Management Geographic Information System (FMGIS) is a proposed design for employing geographic information technology for facilities management operations at the University of Redlands (UofR). FMGIS is an application and demonstration designed with ArcGIS, Visual Basic (VB), and ArcPad. These software programs can provide the Facilities Management department staff with a way to access, display, and query spatial data related to the UofR. Through these software programs, the department staff can conduct analysis, communicate information, and manage their utilities in a more effective and efficient manner. In order to support the daily activities of the Facilities Management department staff, several applications were made with ArcGIS, VB, and ArcPad. With ArcGIS, a geodatabase, an ArcMap customized interface, and a print map button were created for managing and visualizing the university facilities. With VB, a work order request form was designed to track and update repairs to university facilities. With ArcPad, an ArcPad customized interface was made for field access to a campus GIS. In addition, a map template and a fire hydrant distribution map were created. These applications were made to show the Facilities Management department staff the benefits of using GIS. The ArcMap system elements were designed to demonstrate the functionality of automated mapping, demonstrate how a water network could be modeled, and demonstrate the types of analysis that can be conducted with repair request information. The VB system element was made to demonstrate how the current work order request process could be automated in GIS for tracking work orders on campus. An ArcPad application was created to demonstrate how the current work order repair process could be used by maintenance workers in the field. The map template was designed to provide an easy way to make maps, while the fire hydrant distribution map was made to graphically display the locations of the different types of fire hydrants and how they could be used at different buildings on campus.

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