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Douglas M. Flewelling, Ph.D.

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Bryan Baker, Ph.D.


Bringing GIS to the field has many limitations to the end user due to currently available mobile computing and connectivity shortcomings. Of major concern is the lack of spatial analysis and querying abilities currently available in commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software for mobile applications. Current mobile GIS offers mapping and visualization capabilities, while providing no analytical means to discover the data spatially. Adding spatially-based analysis tools will enable emergency responders to more accurately record the state of a particular area and better understand their surroundings while collecting important field assessments. This allows for more timely and accurate assessments by emergency planners to better allocate resources in the field. This paper outlines the development of both connected or server run, and disconnected analysis tools for emergency responders in a mobile framework.

The proposed tools were developed with ESRI‟s ArcGIS Server Mobile Software Development Kit utilizing server technology. They leverage the mobile application based data and internet-based services to perform these tasks. This project is focused on the development, and subsequent inclusion into, an enterprise emergency response system: PREACT.

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Mobile GIS: The Development of Spatial Analysis Tools in an Integrated Environment for Emergency Responders (Poster)


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