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Mark P. Kumler, Ph.D.

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Thad Tilton


Trail management is an important function performed by the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department, Midland County, Michigan. The Director has determined that a GIS system is a necessary tool for aiding him with the different management issues surrounding the twenty-one mile rail-trail and other numerous hiking, mountain biking and cross country ski trails located throughout the county.

As of 2003, the National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring program has only been implemented on the federal level in 270 I&M parks with plans to spread to all national parks. Seeing how the program has grown over the last decade, with major strides in the past five years, the Director of Parks and Recreation determined that Inventory and Monitoring could, and should, be used within Midland County Parks system, with the Pere Marquette Rail-Trail being the pilot study for management of the park systems’ natural resources.

The project describes an extension built in ArcGIS, an ArcPad applet and an ArcIMS that help the director with organization, operation and management of the different trails within the county and the Inventory and Monitoring program.

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