GIS for Golf Course Maintenance Management: Building an Information System for Mission Viejo Country Club

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Mark P. Kumler, Ph.D.

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Tom McCarthy
Forrest Jones


GIS is becoming more prevalent in the golf course industry. The geographic information system for Mission Viejo Country Club is designed to assist the golf course superintendent with making decisions more efficiently. The project results provide him with an analysis and additional tools to address course maintenance problems.

This paper outlines the goals and results of the project. These include establishing databases that link to one another in support of spatial analysis. Building a database of deposit levels will enable the superintendent to monitor change over time. Providing an analysis and a tool for calculating true surface area will enable him to estimate maintenance costs. Designing an irrigation database with behavioral aspects will allow him to perform future network analysis functions. Customizing his data and user interface will provide him with a comfortable working environment.

Full text is available at the University of Redlands


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